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The Statesman Media Networks Limited is a Kenyan News & Media company based in Elysee Plaza Kilimani Nairobi. The Company is a subsidiary of Ndiema Industries Limited, a Ndiema Group company. The company has four divisions:
1. News Division
2. Media Production
3 .Entertainment
4. Marketing and advertisements.

We are an independent source of information. We exist on money from advertising and we are not being financed or influenced by government, parties, or by private individuals across Africa. Our aim is to collect information from all the available sources, systematise it and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner in English. As a result, we provide high quality, reliable and affordable media products related to different spheres of people’s lives, including culture, education, technology, business etc., for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity.

Our editorial team makes every effort to verify the data. The facts in our articles are instantly amended, so that maximum integrity, accuracy and precision are achieved. The users have an opportunity to contribute to this process as well.

The Ndiema Group

Ndiema Industries Limited (NIL) is a Kenyan Multi-million conglomerate company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Ndiema Group owns diverse businesses across Kenya engaged in Healthcare, Biotechnology, Ecommerce, Media, Education, IT & Software, Printing & Branding and Agribusiness. It is managed and largely owned by the Ndiema family. Ndiema Group has grown to be global leader in online and mobile commerce
Today, we enjoy the patronage of over one million consumers globally across consumer goods, agriculture and many other businesses. In fact, our geographical footprint extends beyond Earth, with our engines now powering many of Kenya’s space missions. We are growing fast, and have exciting, ambitious aspirations.
But for us, it is most important that besides our strong financial performance and innovative, much-loved products and services, we remain a good company. Approximately 30 per cent of the promoter holding in the Ndiema Group is held in trusts that invest in the environment, health and education. We are also bringing together our passion and purpose to make a difference through our Good & Better strategy of ‘shared value’ to create a more inclusive and greener Kenya.
At the heart of all of this, is our people. We take much pride in fostering an inspiring workplace, with an agile and high-performance culture. We are also deeply committed to recognising and valuing diversity across our teams.
Ndiema Group’s holding company is Ndiema Industries Limited and its subsidiaries which include: Ndiema Consumer Products , Ndiema Infotech , Ndiema Printing Africa , Labspec Healthcare Ltd, The Statesman Media Networks and Varsity Global Tutors . “There are Many Ways to do Business, We Choose the #Goodness Way” #Growth with Goodness.

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